Friday, March 20, 2009

" Be Strong.........................."

Be strong ..........

To be strong, remind yourself that you can be.
To be strong, remind yourself of why you choose to be.
To be strong, remind yourself of what your strength, focus
and discipline have already brought you.
To be strong, remind yourself that your commitment can be just
as powerful as any excuse or rationalization.

To be strong, have a well-understood purpose and a well-defined plan.
To be strong, be sincerely thankful for all that you have and for all that you are able to do.

To be strong, begin with your thoughts.
When your thoughts are of strength and of positive possibilities,
your actions will follow along.

Each day the world will send you all sorts of challenges,
difficulties, temptations and distractions.
Know that these things are surely coming your way,
and choose in advance to be strong.

As the ups and downs of life arrive, remind yourself
that you have chosen to be strong.
Then as each moment passes,
you'll naturally follow through on that choice.

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