Wednesday, March 25, 2009

" Walking Alone..................."

Walking Alone.........

There were times when days just went by,

Lonely winds swept the earth dry,
Raging sun beamed with all its fury,
was walking alone tired and weary,

And then, you walked into my life,
I wondered why would you be so nice,
must be a dream that won't last long,
Never thought that I could be wrong,

Your simple smile and eyes so bright,
couldn't resist you with all my might,
slowly but surely our friendship grew,
you taught me things I never knew,

I achieved things, I thought I never can,
your words gave the healing touch,
whenever life seemed to be just too much,

Struggling and fighting I went on,
knowing its you I could depend on,
And then Suddenly like magic you were gone,
I was left all alone,
all my dreams shattered and torn,

I asked myself,
where did I go wrong,

Things were supposed to be that way I guess,

may you find happiness and joy, god bless,
For I would keep walking alone,
cherishing the sweet moments bygone...

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