Tuesday, March 17, 2009

" A Letter To Allah......................"

A Letter to Allah..........

my saviour my lord and my only God
the only hope, the only friend of mine
to thee I cry and ask forgiveness
day and night seeking mercy, praying blessings
in sajdah I humbly keep myself
reading the words of you
a comfort I achieve
unknown and untold are your bounties
bestowed with love and kindness onto me
you are my very true friend
being always there for me in my need
fulfilling my wishes and keeping my heart at ease
thou art my saviour and my partner for life
helping me through the difficulties of life
which I for sure know are tests on me
markings be just and fair by thee a teacher and a guide
to lead me to the straight path of righteousness and goodness
paradise a reward in return I dream to achieve

O Allah ..........
I love you more than anything
no one holds a place in my hearts premise
there isnt room for else where you reside
I have protected the gates of love with your power
and have sealed the doors with good endevours
holding every nook as a light from thee
enlightening my soul and heart with purity
of thee sweet smelling fragrance
my heart holds the scent of Allah
is contionuosly being poured from
the eyes that sees and mouth that speaks
in Allah ...........
I find rest and eternal peace

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