Sunday, March 15, 2009

" Salaam...................."


Islam is an arabic word root meaning salam
which in english means PEACE
peace is gained through submitting one's will
to the will of Allah almighty
the one who submits
his will to the will of allah almighty
is called a MUSLIM
therefore muslim is an arabic word
meaning thereby a person who submits
his will to the will of Allah
in short Muslim is a living PEACE

Islam in short is a religion of peace
take not samples as the whole see the whole
as its suppose to be perceived and believed,
reality the greetings in Islam is asalam alikum
which in english means peace be upon you
the reply to the greeting being walaikum asalam
meaning thereby peace be upon you too

so every time you greet a muslim
say to him asalam alikum (peace be upon you)
having the same in return for you (peace be upon you too)

spreading the message of peace around the globe
praying peace to everyone you greet
in reply being prayed peace
hence spreading peace through peace

Islam is a religion of peace
are there any who doubt
its a request unto you to read aloud the words
of this poem true hope you understand
the meaning of islamic greeting too

asalam alikum.........
to all who read the poem
hoping the same in return for me
nothing in praise I desire
yet peace is all i seek

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