Sunday, March 15, 2009

" The Beggar.........................."

The Beggar............

I am a beggar at my lord’s door
Repenting tears of quick relief
Sitting patiently I do cry and weep
Glorifying and thanking my lord

I am a beggar at my lord’s door
Pleading my sins be wiped off
Expecting paradise a sincere reward
For deeds righteous done with rightful ease

I am a beggar crying forgiveness at my lord’s door
the day my lord shall open the door
he shall find me at his doorstep
crying weeping and begging forgiveness

I am a beggar at my lord’s door
thanking and patiently waiting for the open door
for I be lucky to have my lord standing tall
and I shall weep away my guilt
holding his rope strong
there is none better than my lord
who responds the distressed’s call
saves his people from drowning
cures the sick and guides the lost

Yaa Rabb!

I am a beggar at your door
sitting patiently at your doorstep
pure hoping my cry to be heard by you
relieving me my pain and sufferings

Yaa Rabb!

I am a beggar at your door
you had guided me to this way
when I lost my home, I did astray
only to havefound you on my darkest day

Yaa Rabb!

I am but a beggar at your doorstep
pleading my sins be washed away
I am a beggar crying and profusely weeping at your pious doorstep
morning till evening

Yaa Rabb!

I am a beggar I crying at your door
hear my prayers true that i make unto you
accept my apologies and my guilts
cleaning away my heart of dirt and grit
leaving it shining as the water pure
or a mirror reflecting truth for sure

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