Saturday, March 21, 2009

" Listen To Your Heart...................."

Listen to your heart................

Those things you most desire
in life
are always surrounding you,
close at hand
They are there,
ready for you
to reach out and touch them,
ready for you to joyfully live them
But you cannot touch them
with your hands alone,
nor with your mind alone

You must also reach for
with your heart

Listen to your heart
pay heed to what it has to tell you
You know what it feels like to
what is right,
and you know
the feeling
of doing what is wrong

Choose to do what is right
Your heart knows that
what is right is best for you
You are most effective
when you
work toward the values
that are
truly important to you

You won't get very far by working against them
Your thoughts and actions matter
very much,
and yet they are driven
by something
even deeper

Every thought, every action is undertaken
by the person you truly are
You are smart and capable,
flexible and intelligent

Yet you are not just a machine

You are a person
who can love
and feel and hope and know joy
Keep your efforts in harmony
with what you feel in your heart,
and the results will be truly magnificent

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