Sunday, February 15, 2009

" The Forest of Illusions............."

The Forest of Illusions.............

I walk through the forest where no dreams lie
I see many ruins but I can only sigh
I see here that many die
I see here that many cry
But no one ever wonders why
The forest is alive
It feels like its following me everywhere I strive
This feeling says wherever I may lie
I will always follow the sky
Out of these emotions
Out of the Forest of Illusions
As I walk down the forest where no dreams lie
As I uncover the great mystery inside
My mind has played tricks on my ability
But it knows the forest will never die
Neither will I
Come chant the songs of mystery
Come alive with the visions of immortality
Come down with the power of pity
These feelings stay wherever I may lay
I will always follow the sky
Out of these years of devotion
Out of these emotions
Out of the Forest of Illusions
I now realize that I am lost
Lost and I have paid the cost
I shouldn't have wandered into the forest
I start to run in the shadows
Only to find many closed windows
I yell for them to be opened
There's never anyone to depend on in the end
I have wandered and ran for years
My mind moving through the years
As I run through the forest of mystery
I realize it was done mindlessly
I plan on flying
I am now dying
I have been a fool of the illusion of immortality
Another fool of a great calamity
Another poor victim of illusion
Another fool of devotion
I am finally leaving the forest
I now lay my soul to rest
Cause I have left for the west
It is so much easier to rest
I lay at night thinking
About how close I came to death
How close I came to breaking
I think where my travels will lead me
What kind of places will deceive me
Nothing will deceive me more
Than the forest I had once adored
I am leaving the forest
I don't know how I left
I now head west
Still following the sky
I now know reason why
I have followed the sun
I have run
I have followed the stars
They can leave many scars
Out of the forest I go
Through the illusions I grow
I have finally left
I have finally left
I will still follow the sky
Until the day I die
I've never had such a bad experience
Such a one that made me more serious
I have found the solution
I am out of the Forest of Illusion
I am out of the Forest of Illusion
I will never look back
I will never go back
If I do, I will get trapped
Never again will I venture
Into the Forest of Illusion


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  2. your poets is very beautiful, spechless to give a comment, i luv its so much, keep writing
    always waiting your poet.