Friday, February 20, 2009

" Material Things..............."

Material things,………….

What do they bring?
Sorrow and pain, Drive you insane!
Spend all our time, Wondering if that, Could be mine!
Things that won't last,
Worry about the past! What have I got? Not a lot!

Except the gifts that God gave,
That we might be saved
Instead of enslaved,
Until the things are paid
Save our lives from this hell,

Don't worry where we dwell
Hope we compel
We judge on possessions,
It becomes An obsession
This is regression, It comes from oppression
Have some discretion!
All that we see, Won't last for infinity,

Don't give up your divinity

All of this earth, What is it worth?
Everything comes from the dust,
So will it return
Stop your yearning, Start your learning!

Don't be tempted by the lure,
Definitely don't adore.
Only thing that endure

Stuff we learn, That's pure?
Only then can we assure,
Our lives are worth more!

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