Wednesday, February 11, 2009

" Thoughts Unsaid...................."

Thoughts Unsaid..............
(Thu, November 22, 2007 - 2:13 AM )

Often it happens that...
Certain thoughts are left unsaid!
What we feel, cannot be explained.
Often we take for granted,
Those who mean a lot for us!
Who have touched our heart,
In a way no one ever does!

Often it happens that...
Certain thoughts are left unsaid!
Our eyes express feelings,
Feelings for our friends!
It sometimes happens that...
They fail to notice!
Amidst the busy schedule,
Certain feelings go unseen!

Those unseen feelings,
those unsaid thoughts,
Assemble in our heart and one day -
We make it a point to say -
Say what our friends mean to us -
How much they influence us!

I know friend!
You are in some corner of this earth,
Where I cannot reach...
But remember!
My thoughts are with you!
I know we cannot see each other
But still! We care for each other!

The thoughts left unsaid,
The feelings left unseen,
Are all ready...
Ready to come out on screen!
Here I am today, friend...
To explain....... ...
how your friendship has influenced me!

It's you friend, who...
Time to time... encourage me!
Encourage me merely by a mail,
Or even by being in my mind!
Here I am to say...
You are always on my mind!
Thank you friend,
Thank you for being my friend!

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