Friday, February 27, 2009

" What is Life ?................."

What is life?..............
(November 14, 2007 - 10:54 PM)

Is it sitting in ur room all day,
studying ur heart out
Is it partying all night with friends, getting drunk
Is it marrying the one u love
Is it making other people proud
Is it living a life unlike any other
Is it being famous
Is it being rich or
is life just the beggining of everything to come.....

Life Is Unbelievable.
People are Unbelievable.
You are Unbelievable.
Everything is Unbelievable.
How can the world be anymore Unbelievable.........

Darkness beholds beauty
Only if anyone could see,
night turns to day
Coming face to face
with obstacles Life makes its own way.....

Through twists & turns of time
Don't panic of cuts & burns,
just get going Like a stream of that sweet spring
Let the raft of life keep flowing

There's nothing hidden in closed fists
Thinking so is a mirage of sorts
The enigma will never end nor time will allow
Let your expectations grab on to those rare opportunities.

Climates come & go as they wish
But only those fit will survive the test
Life expects so deserves a lot from us
We have to give it our best.

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