Wednesday, February 11, 2009

" May Be.................."

May Be…. ...........
(Sat, September 8, 2007 - 6:43 AM )

Maybe if we meet again
We could have fulfilled
Our love better

Maybe if we were given
A chance to start all over again
We wouldn't have allowed our love
To be reduced to a heart full of memories

Maybe just maybe we would
Have given our love more respect
And not sacrificed it
At the altar of meaningless ego

Maybe just maybe
I wouldn't have waited for you
To say you are sorry
And you won't have waited for me
To take the first little step
And say it doesn't matter

Maybe if we met again
In the quest of salving our pride
We wouldn't have lost sight of
The real thing that mattered...
And still does

Maybe we wouldn't have let
time spin this intangible, insurmountable
barrier between us
Each waiting for the other
Yet not willing to break free.

Hiding their love
Behind an ice cold barrier of ego
and bruised pride

Maybe if we meet again
we wouldn't have let this
masked monster residing within
each of us get the better of us
Maybe if we met again
We would have each other
Rather than a heart full of
Nostalgic memories and regret

Maybe in another lifetime
We'll be together...
I'll see you smile,
I'll hold you close and you'll be mine
We'll watch the sun and the moon shine
I'll sing to you with all my heart
And we'll never be apart.

Maybe not today, and not tomorrow
Maybe in another lifetime, you will love me
and I will love you too...
Forever, and always will be as one.

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