Wednesday, February 25, 2009

" Love Hurts Sometimes.............."

love hurts sometimes..............

Just when you're standing on top of the world
and you think everythings alright,
Bam, it's all down under and nothing but a fight.
Just when you think it's going to be o.k
and this time it's going to work,
Bam, that man you love turns you down

I don't know which is the worst,
the verbal or the beatings,
which hurts the most,
the name calling or the bruises and bleeding.
You give your life to him and this is all you get in return,
Your life's a living hell,
but if you play with fire
you're bound to get burned.

three years been up and down
All your devoted attention,
all your hopes and dreams,
You give him your all,
But he still won't respond
He'll never give in, He'll never change his ways,
Once it starts, you can bet it will never go away.

So each day you wake,
you wonder what it will be,
You try to figure out what you can do,
how to make him see.

It's an everyday battle,
you never know what to exspect,
All you ask is for a little love and respect.
But love to him is harsh,

So one day you'll wake up
and realize that
and you will let him go.

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