Wednesday, February 11, 2009

" The Game Called Life..................."

The Game Called Life .......
(Thu, October 4, 2007 - 7:23 PM)

When you thought, that you lost the race
and you're the reason for the case
It may cause you so much shame
that it becomes your end of fame.

Then you're in when joy is outside
and you can't leave the place you hide.
If you can't show others your face,
then read the way, you have to face.

When you thought, your life is hopeless
and people start saying, you're useless
you think, the game ends here;
But I've good news for you to hear.

The games you lost, are lost forever
but the game of life, is far from over
there are more games to play;
So play them, the way I say.

When you drop lots of catches,
It doesn't mean, there are no more matches.
Life is like a cricket match;
So look ahead, there are more to catch.

You may've lived the life of a loser,
but you should know, He is always closer.
Everyday, He gives a game to play,
Just play them right and forget yesterday.

********** **********

We live our lives and hope for the best
We love hoping we won't be hurt
There are so many fake illusions
It's hard to tell what's the truth
We pray for a better life
We have all cried our share of tears
And shed our share of blood
But in the end was it all worth it?

********** **********

Humanity is in constant change,
from barren to full,
Then simply ... vacated again.

Why would a new cell emerge
unless it is to replace
the vanished cell,
And; where does that "dead" cell go?
Where; did the new one come from?

The whirlwind of the mind
never still, always escalating.......
to rainbow castles in the sky
that reject foundations,

Ambitions swell into ideal aspirations
perhaps to spurn authenticity?
The March of Eyes ... in dreamt up lives,
illusions or reality.....who can enlighten?

But; come what may.... metamorphosis will occur,
Then; If you can say,
at the end of this mortal role,
Every second was a sheer delight,

Your purpose discharged,
Your talents all used up,
Then; my friend,
You truly did win..... The game of life.

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