Friday, February 13, 2009

" Why..................."

(Wed, July 11, 2007 - 7:02 AM )

Why did we ever meet?
When we would be this apart
Why did I love you so?
When you would break heart
Why did I feel it all?
Why did I even care?
Why did I even believe?
That you would always be there

Why did we even kiss?
In that way so tender
Why did it ever feel?
Like we would last forever

Why did I adore you?
As you were my only
Why did I feel that close?
When I would be this lonely

Why did I fall for you?
Why did I feel your touch?
Now I ‘m living without it
And I don’t yearn it that much

Why did you make me smile?
When I’d turn this blue
Why did I feel so much?
When we’d be this through

Why did I believe it?
When you said you loved me

Why did we come that close?
When it’s never meant to be
Why did it feel so right?
When it would go this wrong

Why did it feel so deep?
When it won’t stay that strong
Why did you promise me?
Forever in your eyes

Why did I see an angel?
When you were just disguised
Why am I so angry
When I should know better
Why do I still regret
That we were once together
I should be strong enough
And leave us with goodbye
But I just can’t stop myself
From wondering really “why? ”

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