Friday, February 20, 2009

" If Life was as Simple as ABC................."

If Life was as Simple as ABC...................

It makes you twist and makes you turn
When more from life is all I yearn.
It makes you sad yet makes you smile
Only for tears to roll all the while...
It gives me joys that I couldn't conceive
To a point that it's make believe
Then it steals my smiles and joys away
With a hidden trick up its sleeve...
It makes me want these feelings,
Feelings I can't shake...

But like a dark patch in moonlit water
It makes crystal what all's at stake.
Ups and downs and roundabouts
Rollercoaster, a turbulent flight...
It makes my smiles seem far away
Yet what makes me smile is in my sight.
I never know its next move
It's like a child that’s at play

Sometimes life isn’t black and white
Sometimes it’s shades of grey…
These trials and temptations test my will
I want to be a bird flying free...

For if life was as simple as ABC,
What I want would be with me.

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