Wednesday, February 11, 2009

" Silence of Love.............."

Silence of Love .............
(Wed, November 14, 2007 )

Love is to love
sometimes the days goes by
and we wait for whole of our life

change happens
not in us
and night surround us with twinkling stars
Times may change, days may go
but the love for love remains so
The leafs of the life
will never fall
The Remembrance of love
Will never down

I am the same
Love is so same
But the cry for love never die
i am waiting in the silence of my life
To see you again
lost the language
lost myself
lost the way of my life
waiting for you in the sunny noon
silence is love
love is silence

The language of love is silence
I am talking to you
I am walking with you
I am dancing with you
Life is not the same now
You are with me
In my heart
In my dreams

Now no language required
you are all along with me
In the day in my way
I am here with you
Now whole of my day
Life is to live
In thinking of you
Talking with you in silent way
You taught me the meaning of love
The language of love
In a silent way
Love you
Love the language of yours
I am there with you
Silently in your heart

Life is Love
Love is silence
Listen the love
is to listen the silence.
The flute of love is silence
The sound of love is silence
..........Love is silence
..........Love is silence

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