Friday, February 20, 2009

" The Soul and The Heart....................."

The Soul and the Heart ................

Always together, And never apart
One is the soul, The other-the heart
The heart is the key, Into the soul
While the soul fills the heart
Making it whole
One shows life, And the other-love
One is a butterfly, And one is a dove
One is all joyful and happy and free
While the other is unsure, Of where it wants to be

You cannot have one without the other
They give the other one life
And love each other
They both give something
And are useless alone
They both are strong Yet accident prone

With soul-you need love
With love-you need soul
Each makes the other More and more whole

We all have each And each give to all
But depending on how we use it
You either rise or you fall
So just always remember that
they are always together And never apart

One is the soul
The other-the heart

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