Thursday, February 12, 2009

" Love Is........................"

Love Is ..............
( Thu, August 9, 2007 - 8:57 AM )

Love is the feeling
‘You have always been mine’
Love is the freedom
‘Wherever you are, you are mine’
Love surrenders to no confinement
Love is to love without reciprocation.
Love is the scent in the fresh free air,
Carts away burden of fear;
Love is like a lotus
So pure…
even, amidst mud and muck,
Love is to surrender
To the notions of love.

Love heals all discontent
A zephyr after thunderstorm.
Love is not in captivity of a body
Love is the soul – immortal
Love is the belief
That guides all to tread the path of love
Love is not a destination
It’s the everlasting journey of joy – Love is…

Love is Love.........
Love is not a contract,
No barrier no hates,
It is from the pure heart,
Never ends never stops.

Love is not flood of heart,
It is the ocean of the peace,
It is the morning glory,
Bright ever Bright.

Whoever loves,
Never hates,
Love is love,
It is not hate.

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