Saturday, February 7, 2009

" Forgive Me Yaa Allah................."

Forgive me Yaa Allah.............

Forgive me Allah ...

For the wrongs I have done, For anger I shouldn't have Against anyone, I know I'm weak Allah But I love You,

I really do And in spite of my weakness, I know You love me too

Forgive me for not reading

Forgive us for not practising

Forgive us for not implementing Your eternal Words While society at large suffer From the ommission of our submission

Oh Allah....

let us come to the understanding Only with Your Deen can humanity Prevail And me for the times that I stray

Forgive me for being too tired When I don't take the time to pray

While my Ummah lay in shame With ignorance i forget your way

Give me the strength, Oh Allah! ...

To do what I should each day

Let Your love shine through me, So others will follow Your way

Even though I've failed You Allah

I know You'll forgive me, And this I promise Lord, A better Muslim I will be

For Your presence is in me, Filling my heart with Your love

And I have Your reassurance You're guiding us from above

I love You Allah,

and thank You For the limitless blessings You bestow

I must tell others about You, So Your goodness they too will know

Forgive me Ya Allah ....

Forgive me.........

and Guide this Ummah

Victory is Promised by You

Make us worthy of it Ya Allah.

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