Tuesday, February 10, 2009

" The Game of Life............"

The Game of Life............

Is life just a game? Many people think of it that way
We are all just players who like to play from day to day

Life is sweet when we make the right moves
But we all play to win because no one likes to lose

Sometimes however the odds feel stacked against us
People play quickly like they’re in some kind of rush

We make wrong moves, we stall, and we fall
We pick ourselves up and try to not lose it all

Is it by chance that we just hang around?
There has to be a better purpose to be above ground

At times it feels like pure dumb luck drives us along
Other times we get bounced around like the ball in ping-pong

We get tossed back and forth through all kinds of situations
Some people just pick up and roll the dice without hesitation

Leave it up to fate, while others want to make their own way
It’s a game called life and we play it everyday

~~ * ~~

This world is a field
Where we play games
Different kind of games
Which all combine to become a game
One game
The game of life

And everybody on that field is involve in the game
One way or the other
Whether you like it or not
You are playing
And everything you do on that field is part of the game
It's now left to you
If you want to win
Or if you want to loose
I'll play on.

~~ * ~~

We have a lot of games to play,
that makes us conquer a day.
In a game someone wins,
someone lose.

We should be a sport to accept what we have in fuse.
A game can be a tough thing to do,
That sometimes us feel so blue.
But playing the game of life is no joke,
When you've done something wrong,
it can make you're life broke.

Losing the game of life is not easy,
For people might think that we are greasy.
You have to be strong to live that game for long,
But you must remember not to do something wrong.

So the game of life is not easy to win.
We have to be stronger each day to make our game always in play.

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