Tuesday, February 10, 2009

" God's gift ............. "

God's gift .............

As I walk in the night ,Looking at the vast richness of God’s creation

Up above the midnight sky, Of the twinkling stars shining so bright

As the moon lit up the night Sparkling lights of illuminating joy, Shining the face of the entire universe

My soul searching His wondrous signs in the horizon

Pondering His Power and Might Contemplating His Wisdom In His bounteous creation of the universe ,so beautifully woven, precisely measured

I humble down on my knees, Feeling how tiny I am for who am I

without Him and without Him I am nothing, His Greatness and His unwavering gifts enfolding me, with abundance

for I owe my Lord this priceless gifts in His quintessential sanctuary

Manifest in me are His signs and wonders, His name a rhapsody to my ear

In Him I find eternal tranquility, In Him is the fruition of my salvation

In an everlasting convenant ,,He is the air that I breathe, He is the light of my soul

In the incipient of my life, I praise the name of the Lord

for His love endures forever and I am forever grateful

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