Tuesday, February 10, 2009

" Heal Me..................."

Heal Me.................

Dim the lights and lock the door
As you do now and did before.
Turn on that light deep within
And let those memories begin.
Search for me with your heart’s light.
When in darkness hold me tight.
Caress me with your sweet embrace
Until I wake and see your face.

What’s found tonight within the dark
Will heal wounds without a mark.
This sentimental journey cast
Will find a way to make it last.

In your heart, I must find out
What your love is all about.

Put my inner wounds to rest
Put my self pride to the test.
Here I stand with open hands
I’ve been so unsure of life’s demands.
Foe all the people on which I depend
Never will a hand they lend.

They only take but never give
Are these the values for which I live?
Help me now to find my heart
I want to give it all, not just a part.

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