Monday, February 9, 2009

" If You Can't................"

If You Can't .............

If you can’t Hold me Till eternity, You can at least Touch me For a fleeting moment.

If you can’t Give me The sunshine Of happiness, You can at least Bequeath me A ray of joy.

If you can’t Heal My burning wounds, You can at least Caress My tired scars.

If you can’t Give me A spring of commitment, You can at least Give me An autumn Of hope.

If you can’t Stem the cascade Of unshed tears, You can at least Dry My moist eyes.

If you can’t Sing A lyric of love, You can at least Express A comma of concern.

If you can’t be by my side on my last day You can at least Light a solitary lamp At my grave. darling.......

All I want Is a little space, In a tiny corner Of your heart,

Like A footnote In an autobiography.

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