Monday, February 9, 2009

" The Joker....................."

The Joker......

He laughs to make others laugh, He cries to make others laugh,

He rises to make others laugh, He falls to make others laugh.

Meet the joker on the stage, With all his tricks that he shows,

For the outside world that sees, He has no pals and no foes.

But as we then go deep inside, We see the man behind tha mask,

For whom the life is just like us, For one who too feels dawn and dusk.

Perhaps he is not all the same, Perhaps he s not just like us,

He veils his feelings within him, Not showing them as a common does.

He can't do that, he simply can't, The job he has does not permit,

To show the real man he is, The all he does is act his bit.

Perhaps at night in his bed, He reminisces all his past days,

He laughs at some happy thoughts, While others bring tears as he lays.

Watch the joker on the stage, Who makes us laugh with his acting,

Perhaps we see only the mask,

Perhaps we dont see everything...

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