Wednesday, February 11, 2009

" A Moment ..........................."

A Moment ............
(Mon, November 26, 2007 - 7:17 PM )

Just one night
A night not of raging passions
But the rustle of silky words
Careless touches, stolen moments
Tonight I just close my eyes
Cling on to this precarious moment
Feel the music run through my body
Dance to the rhythm of happiness
How long has it been since I felt that?

I’m not quite sure
All I know is there is something in the very air tonight
Not crackling or steaming with passion
It’s the subtle glow of something by the candle light
It’s the whispers
The soft quiet whispers
It’s the look in your eyes…the way your eyes talk to me
It’s the brush of your fingers, the smell of your skin
The sound of your breathing
So familiar and yet alien
Hold on to it, don’t let it go
Breathe this moment, smell it
Taste this moment
Feel it against your face, your cheeks

Tonight is just one night
The morning will dissipate it all
Tomorrow we shall be strangers again
Friends but strangers
The moment will be lost, forgotten, broken
I clutch this moment to my heart
It will be gone tomorrow
This muted, subtle, precarious love
It’ll blow away like the smoke my life has become

But my eyes are closed
Feel the music
Think of what was
Tonight I smile
Tears remain hidden in my eyes
Tonight let me just breathe, feel, savor
Tonight let me remember…
Just remember what it was like
.........To be happy

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