Friday, February 6, 2009

" Silent Tears................"

Silent Tears ............

Each day the sun rises and each night the sun sets.

Each day I wake up, and put on that fake smile.

Each day I muse myself about you, and each night I dream of you.

Each day I miss you, and I want you with me now.

Each day I fight things in opposition to me,

and each night I weep my silent tears.

Each day I wish to leave, and again I suffer this night alone.

Each day I busy myself,

and each night I fail to concentrate on simple things.

Each day my old life haunts me, and this day I live in misery.

Each day I am unappreciated, and each night I keep to myself.

Each day I live my life in fear, and I bear this uncontrollable rage.

Each day I wake up, and each night I fight those tears.

Each day you call me, and everything disappears.

Each day you give me your love, and each night you say sweet dreams.

Each day I live for you, and I would do anything to make you happy.

Each day you save me, and each night you are my hero.

Each day I live for you, and you wipe away my silent tears.

Each day I send a little prayer, and each night I send another.

Each day I live the fullest, ............and only living for your love.

(.........Do you perceive life only as a futile struggle, rather than a challenge that is meaningful. When you look realistically and rationally at your life, your time is a precious commodity. Those who have known you will judge how you have spent your time and what you have left as your legacy. The concept of death is frightening to those who lack spirituality. Self-indulgence and other morally relativistic behavior consume the thoughts of many people during their spare time when their only focus is on their irrational thoughts and their fears. They visualize bigger homes, better cars, more jewelry, or a better significant other. They grow to resent the current people and possessions they have due to this irrational pattern of thought. They fear that they will miss out on some sort of pleasure before their lives end. This serves only to reinforce their emptiness and fear.

Visualize how you can give something back to benefit another person through the acts of love, respect, and honesty. You are also challenged to accept that there will be times when you fall short. The human condition involves the struggle to become a better person while understanding that there will be peaks and valleys along the way. Wipe your tears away and find true meaning through your acts of love. Let your tears of sorrow turn to tears of happiness...........)

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