Tuesday, February 10, 2009

" Sometimes.................."


Some roads are better off walked alone,
Some words are better left unsaid,
Some people are better off left behind
And sometimes, only sometimes, it is the hardest thing to figure out
When that "sometime" has come.

And so you dwell, you drift so alone in the dark
Hoping to find something other than what you've found before.
Wondering if it even exists,
If it's really there, real to touch,
Enough to embrace, and deep,
For it to truly understand all of you.

Thinking that you might be crazy,
Asking for something that has not yet been made
Or at least not been made FOR YOU.
And as you watch on, trying to find out, who went wrong
Or what is wrong
You just pray that all is as should be.

Maybe I should change and become one of them
And maybe, just maybe, I should lift my head up
Stand tall and go there, where my being is heard,
And my life too has meaning!

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