Monday, February 9, 2009

" Today.....Tomorrow and Always..........."

Today, Tomorrow and Always.............

As we strolled the ocean shore walking along, listening to the waves rolling in like the many years of our lives

We reminisce the pages, laughing, crying, wondering where the time has gone that has brought us to this place

We look behind us at the footprints in the sand side by side hand in hand

A pause to gaze into each others eyes to embrace and to kiss

And as we hold each other tight we breathe deeply a sigh of reassurance

As our thoughts tell us that no turbulent storms no raging seas just as the trials and tribulations of our life can never tear us apart

For we are here and we have overcome the lows and embellished the highs and we have done this hand in hand with our love together

Listen to the wind my darling

and hear the unity and synchronicity of our two hearts beating as one

In a world of uncertainties one thing remains clear,... our love

And watching as the sun sets into the horizon we realize our love will go on forever

My heart beats for you just as it did the very first day we met

.............. I love you today, tomorrow and always.......

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