Tuesday, February 10, 2009

" Uncontrollable Love...................."

Uncontrollable Love.........

Love knows no end
it doesn't keep time,
And it doesn't want to be alone.
It brings constant reminders as the days pass
Cherished by all who want to receive them.

Love is said to be in the eye of the beholder
But, love resides in your heart and soul
And is nourished by others.

Love springs up when you least expect it.
Love is out of your control.
Love keeps you continually wondering.
Love is there for you to reflect on.
Love teaches your life to grow.

Sometimes love hurts, and you want to die.
Take a deep breath and face it head-on.
Love isn't going anywhere; it's there by your side.

Memories of love can make you happy and content,
But they can also make you cry.
Please don't ask yourself why!

When love is in your grasp,
Whether now or in the past,
Gently receive it and don't turn your back.
Love consoles and heals the heart.
Love is yours if you want it, so embrace it!

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