Saturday, February 7, 2009

" When Do I Think Of You ?................"

When Do I Think Of You?..........

I think of you in the peace solitude and stillness of the early dawn for you are tranquillity. I think of you on an ocean's front,

for you are the roar of the waves, the power of the sea, and the salt in the air.

I think of you amidst a crowd and the chorus of city sounds ...for that is my song,

and you are the music.

You are my first thought of each new day, and the last image I glimpse, as my eyes are closed upon a feathered pillow.

In that secret place called sleep, it is you that I search for through shades of darkness and clouds of cotton.

When do I think of you?

Every moment of my life And, when the final sleep does come and if there is thought...

it will be of you.

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