Tuesday, February 10, 2009

" Dont Give Up On Love......................."

Dont give up on love.......

Every decision you make,
every decision,
is not a decision about what to do
It’s a decision about Who You Are

When you see this,
when you understand it,
everything changes

You begin to see life in a new way
All events,
occurrences, and situations
turn into opportunities to do
what you came here to do

We have so much love in this world,
and we have so much love in our hearts,
and sometimes we forget

Sometimes we think there isn't enough,
or there is just a small amount

So we hoard what we have,
or we are afraid to let it go

We are afraid to let it out

But those of us who are willing to learn,
realise that the more love we allow to
flow out from us,
the more there is within us and the
more we receive

It is endless and timeless
Love is really the most powerful
healing force that there is

Without love we could not survive at all

If little babies are not given love and affection,
they wither and die

Most of us think we can
survive without love,
........but we cannot

Love for ourselves is the power that heals us

................Practice Love as much as you can

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