Tuesday, February 10, 2009

" Life Is For Loving.........................."

Life Is For Loving ............

"Learn to Love by Loving"

Life for most persons is
a long quest for love,
which becomes a quest
for objects of love

The most sordid and depraved
lives are really crying out,
Won't someone please love me?

And yet, intuitively we know that love
is an inner power and not an object,
and that our need is to love and not
just to find someone to love us

Within every person is a hunger
and thirst to be love, to express love,
to let the Infinite Power of Love
flow through him

Modern psychology has misled
people with its insistence that
"the greatest need of man is to be loved"

We have been taught to think of love
as a commodity rather than a divine process

We have supposed that our lives
lack love because we have not been loved

How easy it is to conclude that all
the problems of our life have come
about because of a father who mistreated us,
or a mother who did not love us. ...

Take a moment to reflect on this:
......You cannot give love to anyone,
......and no one can give love to you

You can be loving, which will create
an environment in which others may
find it easy to radiate and express love
and thus be loving to you

Love is not a commodity to give,
but a process through which you
touch and express your own deeper nature

Love.... then.... is not the plaything
of the emotions... or senses,
but the action of divine law

You cannot really know and love
another person unless you know
and love yourself

Loving yourself is knowing what
you are and rejoicing in it

Loving your neigh­bor is accepting
what he is, which is made possible
only as you accept what you are

When you love yourself,
you are secure and "within-dependent"

You can face the changes in the
world without threat

If you do not love yourself,
you are not centered in the
reality of yourself, which is love

You are not letting yourself BE love

You are dependent for security on
whether some other person acts
lovingly toward you

In this conscious­ness,
every change in people and
every changing condition is a
threat that triggers in you a
reaction of hate or resistance....

The principle of love is dynamic

Certainly, love can change the
world and it can change you

But it can only do so if you take
the principle into the laboratory
and roll up your sleeves

"...You learn to speak by speaking
.....You learn to walk by walking
....You learn to work by working
....And you learn to love by loving.."

There is no other way

Study love........
Meditate on the love idea and
the whole process of loving

And your consciousness of love
is never complete, no matter how many
love-affirmations you may be rehearsing,
unless you are in the attitude
and action of loving...

Let us resolve to practice being loving

Let us remember that love is not
finding the right person to love
or be loved by

It is being the right person of love

And then let us meditate long on
the realization that we are created
in and of love,

that love is the one
reality of our life,
and that there is
always enough love to go around.........
if we are willing to turn it on by being loving....

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