Tuesday, February 10, 2009

" Gardener of my Soul................"

Gardener of my Soul........

I see you once more, the gardener of my soul
The rain that showers down on my dried twig
Bringing it back to life
In a second, green leaves sprout out, the earth is full
Everything is music, people are dancing,
Moving about in a colorful swirl.
And everything comes into focus again
Where the world is full of laughter and happiness
And the sea makes perfect music on the shores
And the arms of a child embrace the world
And the light of the sky shines down on us all
And the heart is full of joy and gratitude.
And I savor every second like a swab absorbs water
I take in as much as I can.
On that journey back home.
Then the taxi breaks and I get off.
For I'm slowly going to be the dried twig again.

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