Tuesday, February 10, 2009

" Look Into My Eyes...................."

Look Into My Eyes .................

Look into my eyes
A reflection you will see

The light shining there
Is what you mean to me

Touch my outstretched hand
Feel the strength in my grasp
Know what you feel now
It's something that will last

Search within your heart
And catch a glimpse inside
Is a part of me in there
In a recess there to hide

Listen to my words
Hear the things I say
Do not shut the meanings out
Please don't run away

Gaze into my soul
What is it there you've seen

Just a hidden memory
Of what it could have been

The line is drawn and true
The connection there to stay
To distances just to you
On a moonlit night
Gaze into the stars
You will see me gazing back
No matter where you are

Though oceans may divide
Miles may add on miles
Nothing stops the way I feel

The memory of your smiles
If perchance your heart is swayed
You may embrace another

Remember for an instant
A moonlight walk thereunder
Smile a little smile at a memory
And hold the one so near
'Cause love in any form you find
Is precious and so dear

Look into my eyes
A reflection you will see
Not just what you mean now
But what you'll always mean to me

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