Tuesday, February 10, 2009

" Our Secrets........................."

Our Secrets..........

Our secrets are all that bind us
And keeps us hanging on
To this thing that remains unnamed
And the bond that has no heart

For promise died on the lips of indecision
And the future faded with understanding
Of our differences and limitations
As we walked opposite directions on our one-way streets

Both guilty of seeking pleasure in another’s love
Guilty of stealing dreams from sleeping ghosts
And though we knew it wrong…and that we were wrong
Yet we ran headlong into the storm without hesitation

Our reasons, overtly different, yet the same
Both self-serving in our gluttonous need
To quiet the demons hiding behind the well-honed smiles
Of our counterfeit lives

You, with flawless posture, a knight in stainless armor
The joy and pride of your home and family
Yet you struggle to suppress the obsessions
That simmer just below the surface

And I, not nearly as refined in grace and stature
Nor reserved in decorum and correctness
Constantly fight the trials of a wayward heart
In a juvenile attempt to gain acceptance

And born of these secrets, came the attraction
Different in reason, the same in our greed
A fascination that would surely result in pain
As, neither considered the cost to the other

So here we are, facing the agony of good-bye
Each knowing it’s the right thing to do
Yet both selfishly yearning to hold on
But the differences are too great, the limitations unmovable

And at the risk of giving in to my lachrymose nature
I’ve only this left to say…
I love you, I always will…

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