Wednesday, February 11, 2009

" Love : Knowing the Wisdom of the Heart................."

Love: Knowing the Wisdom
of the Heart..................
(17th december 2007)

As I breathe in,
I breathe in love.
I draw in love from everywhere in the universe.
Love flows in through my breath.
Love flows to every part of my body
carried on my breath.

I open to receive love.
My capacity for love is expanding.
Every day I am becoming
a more loving person.
I am growing calmer and more serene
in the peace of love
that is growing in my life.

I forgive myself
knowing that I have always done
the best I knew how at the time.
I send love and forgiveness
to my past self.
As I do, I create a higher future for myself.
I acknowledge how far I have come
and how much I have grown
in my ability to act with
wisdom and love.

I now choose to experience
love and peace.
I allow people to be who they are.
I offer love with wisdom.
I put down the burdens of others,
knowing they are not mine to carry.

I allow others to go through their lessons.
I hold a loving space while they do,
and let go of the need to save them
from the wonderful growth opportunities
they have attracted to themselves.

I think of someone
whose burdens I might have been carrying.
I now give those lessons
to the higher self of that person.

I send love to this person as I do this.
I let go of wanting or
needing anything from people.
I focus on how I can serve
and empower them in their growth.

I release my desires for them to
be or do anything to please me.
I offer unconditional love.

I think of someone I love.
I release a desire I have had of this person
to be or do something I want.
I send this person appreciation
for all of his beautiful qualities.

I love and accept this person
just as he is.
I think of this person and ask myself,
"How can I offer more love
to this person?
How can I express my love in
a higher, wiser way?"
I let answers and feelings flow into me.
I act on the insights as they come.
I invite the Divine Angels of Love
into my life and heart.

I ask them to open my heart
and link it with my mind so I can
love with wisdom.
An angel of love joins me now.
This angel touches my heart with love.
I receive and open to this gift of love.

I let a thought of someone
who could use love
come into my mind.
I get silent for a moment
and imagine sending this person love.
I surround this person with a rose color
that carries the angelic frequencies of love.

I fill my heart with Divine Love
transmitted to me by the Divine Angels of Love.
I send Divine Love to this person.
The Angels of Divine Love join me in
sending Divine love to this person.
I now think of everyone I know
standing in a circle around me.
I am in the center of the circle.
I fill myself with Divine Love.

The Angels of Divine Love are with me
sending their love through me.
I send this love out to everyone I know.
Divine love flows through me
and out to the world.
I am a radiating source of love and wisdom.

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