Tuesday, February 10, 2009

" A Lover......................."

A lover……………

to be lover
Whoever claims to be a lover
Does not think of passion or desires,
Whoever comes to the house of love

Has no interest in anything, no attachment to anything.

Whoever is a true lover no longer
Remembers this world and the hereafter,
Whoever expects titles and struts
With arrogance is not a true lover.

Arrogance and honor belong

To love of this world,
Whoever loves the titles of the world
Never talks about love.
Whoever talks about love with his tongue alone,

Does not know what love is,

Love is exalted in a priceless way.
It is slanderous to call someone a lover
Who does not renounce love of the world,

Love does not come to an inner heart

Filled with arrogance and love of the world.
Love does not accept arrogance
Or love of the world:
These are not my words, love itself

Does not find them correct.
Let those whose hearts taste love
Forget about everything except love,
No other vehicle but love

Will reach the presence of the Friend.

Let those who are true lovers
Walk the path with love,
Whoever uses the eye of the inner heart
Never stumbles into traps along the way.

………………Our destination is far away

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