Monday, February 9, 2009

" Oneness ........... "

Oneness ...........

We have a captivating audience with each other, With in moments of being together our souls Give each other permission to go deep inside, With no-fear that secrets dwell we cannot share To feel you searching my mind for tidbits of Knowledge in order to let you know me better ,

The sense that you are watching my countenance Anxious, to make me feel so good ,I smile. Sometimes I can just close my eyes and feel You so close I can't even speak,

for I know You are here with me, taking me to places That shut out the world where only we belong

Words are written but they cannot convey,

The tenderness of the moments, when our Senses come alive and one embrace leads us to making love in every way

Each time we are together, Your gentle heart Touches me with a warmth that flows through My veins ,

Our voices sound like sweet music In mind and spirit,

we give our all To each other, so we are no longer two

We are sharing our love and becoming one

The union cannot be broken by anyone

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