Monday, February 9, 2009

" Untitled Love.................."

Untitled Love ...........

Every waking minute, I spend on him...

The memories of The sparkle in his eyes, The curve of his nose The smile upon his mouth

The wetness of his tongue, The roughness of his chin ,The gentleness of his ears, The perfection of his chest, I can still remember,

Our kiss, The way our tongues met

Making love in the dark, The way our lips Pressed together, The scent of his hair

When my lips Brushed against the Nape of his neck

How our hips, Glued together, How we rode in on each other, Like a pure wave

The way our bodies, Pressed together, Having a conversation of their own

The sound of Our muffled moans, That escaped our lips, The way every kiss, Meant something, How everyone Would fade away, When we were together...

The way his shirt, Pressed against his chest, Smelt when I’d listen to his heartbeat

The way our fingers Would find each other in a crowd, The smile in our eyes When we’d stare at each other

The way we’d share something

As if it were nothing

The way our last Kiss of the night Would last forever

The way we felt Our love, Would never end

I still remember everything

As if it were just scenes From a book,

I’ve read too many times...

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