Monday, February 9, 2009

" The Path Of Shattered Dreams......................"


It was in the mist of morning light, too dim to see my way, I waited for the sun to rise,

to brighten sky, and day, he stood alone, but seemed to be there, with something to say,

And as I came in closer drifted through the mist, away… I tried to follow,

wanting just to know why he was there, Why his eyes had looked through me,

inside the moment where, he saw me, and then turned, and seemed to vanish in the air,

My heart somehow belonged to him, but did he even care?

Alone deep in this dark and early morning wood, I’m lost,

No way to go and find him, my emotions torn, and tossed, But passed a line and to him,

I had eagerly crossed, I thought of what the finding of those eyes, would finally cost…

The sun had seemed to stop its rise, and leave me in the mist,

Of early morning fog to stop my sight from all of this, On and on I traveled,

only thinking of his kiss, he had turned so quickly, and caused my heart to miss…

Miss the feeling of the love I knew he held for me, The love I now belonged to,

but no longer could I see, The fog was drifting in and out, obscuring every tree,

The woods seemed dark and dream like, but how could all this be? How could he just walk away, and leave me here alone? To break my will, and turn my tortured heart into a stone,

Why have not the sun lit skies, above me ever shone? To leave my dreams of love to wilt,

lie dying, and un-grown… What is this I’ve witnessed, in the haze of early light?

Was it some mirage, I, still asleep, not thinking right? Sunrise will not come to me,

I walk in morning night, Searching for the one who looked at me, and took my sight…

So that I must travel on, without the use of eyes, Without the answers to my questions,

left with all the whys, Peering deep into the mist, my mind and heart still tries,

To quiet what’s inside of me, to quiet all my cries…

Supposing I shall walk alone until I come upon, The one who saw me turned away, appeared, and then was gone, The eyes I long to see again, One moment I stood motionless, he smiled,

the moment gone… This trail of tears I walk on, gives me no belief,

No hope of finding what I seek, no hope of sweet relief, All I see in front of me is sadness, loss, and grief, I walk to emptiness and sorrow, and pain I see increase…

I’ve lost him, lost the eyes, I’ve come to my sad end, No longer able to go on to where to what, he’ll send, I tell myself it’s real but I’m so lost, I can’t pretend, But he was there in front of me, he smiled just once, then turned, and disappeared into the dawn,

I hoped that I would find him waiting, but I found him gone,

I’ve lost the power left to hear the music of his song,

And now upon the path of shattered dreams, my life goes on………………..

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