Monday, February 9, 2009

" What is Love All About................."

What is Love All About?............

What is love all about? A bond of trust but a little doubt?

An enraged eye still a healing touch? A broad smile yet a pain so much?

Is it a sunshine peeping out of cloud? Or a drop of silence in a cry so loud!

Is it a shower of rain in scorching heat? Or a stream of running heart beat?

A halo of light in the unending dark? A wound in the heart, an everlasting mark?

Does it mean a yearning embrace, Or a number of reasons hard to trace?

Is it about unconditional giving? Or getting in the relation and leaving?

An overflowing wave yet so calm, A cruel word followed by a curing balm!

An image of patience still desperate, A bit of bad habit in etiquette?

A common bonding yet so rare? A magical feeling beyond compare?

I am confused, I don't know.

I wish if anyone could show!

If you really know what love is.

Please come and teach me this.

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