Saturday, February 7, 2009

" Deep Within..................."

Deep Within ............

(august 2007)

His plans and dreams are unfulfilled, he says I’m not what he needs.

He feels the need to be on his way and I acts like things are fine

But I know down deep within my heart he’s only marking time.

He has to know that I’m aware he doesn’t plan to stay

Action speak louder than words so he doesn’t have to say

I try not to let him see the tears, the pain and the despair.

I try to stay upbeat and cheerful and act like he still cares.

I show him love and affection, and steal kisses when I can.

But sometimes his cool demeanor is more than I can stand.

I listen to his comments closely looking for any sign or clue

For I want to be prepared the day he finally says we’re through Until that day,

I’ll try not to dwell on all my pain and fears

I’ll show him all the love and support and he’ll not see any tears

I hope one day he’ll look back with warm thoughts and a smile

for the total and unconditional love that I gave him for a while.

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